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We’re makeup enthusiasts, animal lovers, defiers of beauty standards, tree-huggers and self-expressionists. We love to create, to empower and to disrupt and we’ve been serving ethical makeup goodness out of Berlin, Germany since 2017.

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The MAGNETIC system introduced

We may not have invented eyeshadows, face powders, highlighters, water-activated eyeliners or magnetic palettes, but what we did invent is the most comprehensive build your own palette (byop) system out there. It's called the MAGNETIC system and it's truly one of a kind.

It all starts with a small magnetic metal pan (or tin/godet) that in our case is rectangular and either 26x26 mm or 39x52mm in size. We chose rectangular pans because they waste less space and quite subjectively look neater. We picked these particular dimensions (they're multiples of 13mm) because we want you to be able to combine small and large pans and still perfectly fill a palette.

Which empty palette to choose?

Speaking of, we offer two styles of empty palettes that we call freestyle and well palettes. Freestyle palettes have an undivided magnetic base that can hold pans of different sizes, even ones not made by us. Well palettes have openings or slots that have the exact size of one pan and they have release holes on the back for popping them back out. Well palettes  look a little more organized, but they don't let you mix different pan sizes. They also tend to be a little bigger, because there's spacing in between the pans. Whichever style you prefer, we have plenty of options ranging from 4 pan well palettes all the way to 48 pan freestyle palettes.

300+ products to choose from

More important still is what's inside the pans. Let's start with our eyeshadows: we have over 200 to choose from and they're not just numerous but also exceptional! All of our eyeshadows are vegan, cruelty-free, halal, child-labor free and dermatologically tested. They're also made in the EU, talc-free, paraben-free and plastic free. We love to give you lots of options, but we never compromise on quality. All our eyeshadows are highly pigmented, blendable, don't crease or fade and they all have fantastic wear time.  Our mattes are not just super reliable, they're also a favorite among makeup artists and enthusiasts alike. Besides our many mattes in both neutral and super vibrant colors, we also have an incredible selection of UV neons, metallics, duochrome eyeshadows and even multichrome eyeshadows. 

Metallic, multichrome or holo?

Our metallic eyeshadows range from shimmery to super sparkly and from monochromatic to multichrome and even holographic. Our shiftiest multichrome eyeshadows are literal rainbows in a pan. They change their color depending on the viewing angle and lighting situation and they're just mesmerizing. They're also eye-safe and contain no plastic glitter, meaning they're not just stunning but also eco-friendly. 

Eyeliners and face powders

Next in our lineup are water-activated eyeliners (sometimes also called cake liners). They might look unassuming at first, but add a drop of water or CATALYST (our purpose-designed activator liquid) and they turn into the most wonderful vibrant and creamy eye liners. They come in black, white and many vibrant and UV neon colors and for an extra twist, they're duos, so two shades in one pan which we think makes them even more versatile and a great value! You can also mix them among each other, allowing you to create practically any shade you can imagine. Needless to say they're also vegan, cruelty-free, child -labor free and dermatologically tested.

Finally, we have the perfect highlighter, blush and bronzer for every skin tone. A recent favorite among our face powders are our marbled shimmery blushes. They not only look stunning in the pan, they also produce a subtle glow that couldn't look more flattering.

Build your own palette, save 20%!

All the products mentioned, our matte, metallic and multichrome eyeshadows, our water-activated liners, the highlighters, (shimmery) blushes and bronzers and all the empty magnetic palettes can of course be purchased individually, but the true power of the MAGNETIC system is our highly acclaimed palette builder. Whether it's eyeshadow-, liner- or face palettes you're hoping to create (or maybe even a hybrid palette that contains all of the above), our palette builder has got you covered. And the best part: if you design your own palette, you save up to 20% over the cost of the individual products.